Thoughtfully designed & consciously crafted,
Curated decor from around the world.


Origin Point - Our Debut Collection


Why should I shop at kaarhaus?

Kaarhaus is a contemporary design brand celebrating design, craftsmanship, and collaboration. We collaborate with emerging designers and artisans from around the world to curate handmade, limited-edition collections called "drops". Each item in a drop is hand-selected by our founder, who is an experienced architect and designer. These drops, each inspired by a unique theme, offer access to one-of-a-kind collectible objects with meaningful stories.

When can we expect the drops?

We work tirelessly to curate and design collections to launch drops periodically throughout the year. You can expect drops twice in a year - in Spring & Fall. Future drops are announced to our community via Instagram and email. Sign up for newsletter below to get notified and never miss a drop.

How do you approach pricing?

At Kaarhaus, we want to democratize access to thoughtfully designed and consciously crafted objects For this reason, we have a fair pricing policy. What do we mean by ‘fairly priced’? “Fair (adj.): without cheating or trying to achieve unjust advantage.” Put simply, we’re striving to offer access to one-of-a-kind, beautiful, and functional objects, with no inflated markups.