Kaarhaus est. 2022

Every space deserves unique collectible objects that tell an inspiring story.

Founded by architect & designer Darshini Shah, Kaarhaus is a contemporary design shop & studio. At Kaarhaus, we want to democratize access to thoughtfully designed and consciously crafted objects. We seek, discover, and celebrate emerging designers and artisans from around the world. Their work inspires creative discourse and sparks curiosity. We exist to bring their craft and their stories to a new audience. Read more

Contact: info@kaarhaus.com

Our Philosophy

Kaarhaus means artisan in Hindi, Darshini’s native language. Our ethos is rooted in collaboration with the best emerging designers and artisans from around the world. The stories of these designers and cultures that shape their work impart meaning and appreciation to lesser-known regions. We view their work as collectible heirlooms, for our audience to own and treasure.

Our logo represents our closed loop consciousness — a preserved continuum of stories over the course of generations, and, presently, the call to action to conserve and reduce the consumption of resources. Additionally, it embodies diversity and inclusion with an ever-evolving, open-ended quotation mark. Each distinct variation signifies a different designer, representing their individuality and echoing their distinct stories and artistic perspectives.

Our Curation Process

Kaarhaus' curatorial lens re-contextualizes traditional craft and technique around the world. The designers we select imbue, in our opinion, an optimal balance of form and function. In addition to aesthetic selection, to increase and amplify impact, we collaborate with designers who prioritize community-empowerment and preservation of heritage craft.
 Our values:

Exceptional quality of craft and materials creates enduring products that our consumers can cherish for generations.

Functional Beauty

This is a defining characteristic for us. Utility encourages a longer lifespan, while beauty imparts lasting joy.


We value doing a few things really well. We offer a limited set of products in order to emphasize the quality and story behind each creator. We strive to build community over commodity.


Our community includes diverse cultures and identities. We strive to elevate underrepresented voices across gender and socioeconomic borders.

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Ethics and Sustainability

In our commitment to ethics and sustainability, we take several concrete actions:

We only select products that are crafted using eco-friendly materials.

We ensure that our designers offer fair wages and working conditions for our artisans and craftsmen, promoting ethical production.

Our designer's production processes are designed to minimize waste, with recycling and upcycling efforts in place.

We offset our shipping emissions, aiming for carbon-neutral delivery methods.

Designed to be Unique

Our goal is to offer unique limited edition objects for everyday collectors. We want to live in a world where we consume less, and, instead, use what we have longer. Each piece on our platform is carefully crafted by hand in strictly limited editions of 99 pieces or fewer — no big factories or complicated supply chain logistics.