Behind the Design

Morii for Kaarhaus

Delving deep into the world of Morii Design, we unravel the creative process behind the design. From inspirations drawn from nature to the meticulous craftsmanship, discover their essence.

Morii for Kaarigar - Kaarigar

Morii’s journey started with founder Brinda Dudhat, a textile design graduate from NID, Ahmedabad. She worked with multiple craft clusters across India — from Sujini to Kalamkari. Over the years, she saw the possibility within India's craft communities. She found her calling by working with artisans throughout rural India. With a vision to redefine the intersection of art and design through the means of craft, Morii was created. Brinda is as much an intuitive artist as she is an innovative designer. Through her passions, Morii has found direction and, with her values, an unfaltering ideology.

Morii works with over eighty female artisans from more than seven villages today. Step-by-step and stitch-by-stitch, Morii has built a community of artisans and has set up structures that enable them to keep creating. A process rich in co-creation builds trust and relationships with the artist groups, enabling healthy collaboration. Through a series of workshops, Morii brings women together to celebrate and develop their skills.

Artisans hand embroidering limited batch pieces
A completed specimen

Morii has on-the-ground coordinators near the craft clusters who facilitate interactions between the artisans and the studio team. Monthly visits to the craft clusters for sampling, development, and interaction ensure collective alignment.

What started as an attempt to explore the intersection of art and design through craft has now created an impact of its own. Today, Morii presents hand-embroidered textiles as story-tellers. Age-old narratives have found their way into modern everyday lives through a piece of fabric. They have found a medium to encapsulate the warmth experienced in the creation process and share it with a broader audience, such as Kaarigar.

Through textiles and wall art designs, Morii has brought craft into contemporary spaces and conversations. The art becomes heirlooms that can last for generations. They are a legacy created by the current generation of Indian craftspeople. A new heritage evolved into the language of today.

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Text: Ashlynne Camuti x Morii Design

Images: Morii Design

Date: August 2023