Behind the Design

From our founder...

Kaarhaus's origin story begins with my vision to democratize design. An incredible team of diverse creators worked together to bring this brand to life.

From our founder... - Kaarigar

As an architect with a background in India and graduate studies in architecture from prestigious institutions like Parsons and CCA in San Francisco, I embarked on a career journey that exposed me to two distinct worlds. On the one hand, I was designing living spaces for affluent clients with an abundance of choices from European luxury design houses. On the other hand, I faced a personal challenge when it came to my own living space.

Despite my expertise, I struggled to find the right blend of thoughtfully designed, consciously crafted, high-quality objects within my budget. The gap between my clients' opulent spaces and my own left me feeling uninspired and frustrated, grappling with the overwhelming array of choices and the lack of style cohesion.

My familial home in India

This pivotal moment led me on a journey back to my familial home in India, where I had a chance to connect with exceptional designers crafting exquisite objects. The idea for Kaarhaus took root during this visit.

At Kaarhaus, our vision is clear - to break down the barriers to accessing beautifully designed and consciously crafted objects, resolving the problems of choice overload, and achieving style cohesion. We set out to discover and celebrate emerging independent designers and artisans from around the world, sparking creativity and conversation along the way.

Each object we curate tells a compelling story, and our purpose is to share both the craft and the narrative with a wider audience. Our journey began with a quest for cohesion, simplicity amidst the overload of choices, and accessibility for all those who share our passion for exceptional design.

Concept sketches for our debut collection - Origin Point

An incredible team of creators from different time zones worked together to bring this brand to life.

The work for this project began in the summer of 2022, and endless sources of inspiration, conversations, and research brought it all together.

Ashlynne Camuti: Based in Seattle, Ashlynne Camuti is an architect and senior strategist with a passion for writing. Her diverse skillset enabled her to seamlessly blend design expertise with strategic thinking, adding her unique perspective to Kaarhaus's copy.

Ankit Biradar: Ankit is a software engineer by day and a passionate photographer in his spare time. His creative direction and photography skills brought all the products to life for this debut collection.

Khushboo Yadav: As an illustrator and graphic designer based in India, Khushboo Yadav's artistic talents breathe life into her designs. She’s a true artist, and her mastery of color and type made her the perfect collaborator to build our visual identity and create illustrations.

Chris Waterhouse: London-based developer Chris Waterhouse is a software developer. His innovative problem-solving approach and technical prowess make him an invaluable asset, ensuring projects come to life with precision and flair.

Designers: I acknowledge and celebrate the talented designers who collaborate with me to breathe life into our debut collection. Their creative expertise plays an invaluable role in shaping the distinctive character of each collection, making their contributions an integral part of our design journey.

The final acknowledgment goes to you - the human reading this right now - for whom we made all of this.


Text: Darshini Shah

Illustrations: Khushboo Yadav

Date: August 2023