Our Philosophy

Kaarhaus means artisan in Hindi, Darshini’s native language. Our ethos is rooted in collaboration with the best emerging designers and artisans from around the world. The stories of these designers and cultures that shape their work impart meaning and appreciation to lesser-known regions. We view their work as collectible heirlooms, for our audience to own and treasure.

Our logo represents our closed loop consciousness — a preserved continuum of stories over the course of generations, and, presently, the call to action to conserve and reduce the consumption of resources. Additionally, it embodies diversity and inclusion with an ever-evolving, open-ended quotation mark. Each distinct variation signifies a different designer, representing their individuality and echoing their distinct stories and artistic perspectives.

From a single object, room or an entire home – we offer personalized design consultation for your needs. If you need extra support to refresh or redesign your space, visit our studio to book a design consultation.

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